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Home is bought! Woohoo! So now that we are home owners we face the many faceted problems of adulting yet again. How do we refurbish and make it our own cosy place without losing our minds in the process?

So far, we’ve talked to two contractors and are yet to get deals on the job. We are looking to completely renovate the tiny bathroom, switch the ancient tiles and the placement of furniture, set up a bright hallway and get furniture – a smaller table for the dining room/kitchen, a sofa, some beds, etc. Nothing too much, but to make it livable and cosy.

Small spaces need brightness and light, no overbearing colors and patterns, right. On that note, we were just having brunch at a hip Sofia place (on Vitosha str., no less!) and found it pretentious in the nicest way possible, typical of the trendy hipster crowd. Portugal style tiles, big wooden tables and a modern-yet-trying-to-look-retro-fridge. Those are expensive!

To get back to the tiles – I love the patterned tiles! I would love to have them everywhere. But I am just now realizing, so does everyone else. They are in home decor magazines, in hipster places, in show rooms and modern bathrooms and kitchens. So much so, that I find myself getting bored by them. And in about in ten years, when the trend will fade – they are much more likely to seem old fashioned, not to mention tiring for the eye. Yes, I love them, but maybe just not for my tiny bathroom. Let them bring joy at my local hipster brunch place only. That will make them special.

P.S. A few weeks later here we are again, and this time we settled exactly on the trendy Morocco-patterned tiles for our hallway floors. We are officialy hipster! Kudos to Sofia’s greatest distributor of tiles, Phoenix Gres.

Morocco/Portugal Style Tiles are the Trend right now!

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