12-hour work days or Work hard, love harder

My sister and I work hard. We are in a race with the forces of life and if we work hard we have a feeling we are ahead. (maybe not really the case.)

I am a teacher, I teach a lot, even give extra lessons on top of my school engagements. Den is a midwife, who helps mommies thrive and babies get born safely. She works double as an OBGYN assistant/secretary. We are busy gals. We kick ass as professionals in health care and education and we are pretty proud of that, despite innumerable hurdles the system throws at us.

On the topic of our workdays, Den works 12 hour shifts, day and night shifts, in no particular order. Recently she invested in compression socks, which she says are a life saver. I don’t know about that, but today I also experienced twelve hours of work – demo lessons, open door classes and peer reviews, as well as e speech contest tutoring and collegiate advice sessions and man, am I beat. Those compression socks sound heavenly right about now.

Yet despite those excruciating work shifts the thing that beats any sort of socks or perks, is going home to our Mom. She waits patiently for us whenever we are away. We try to spread evenly between us, to better take care of her needs.

Mom’s needs include monthly supplies of medicine, rehabilitation and logopedic tutoring in our home. Also, help with walking, getting food and going outside (in fine weather only). But mostly she needs love and joy and hugs (but not too many, it is overwhelming). All of that is nothing but a pleasure to provide for the most important person in our lives.

She welcomes us with love and forgiveness each time we come back. This is all the reward we need for our efforts. It makes our day pretty close to perfect. This is the big thing that gives meaning to everything. Hence our motto, work hard, love harder!

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