Vaccines Limbo

The first batch of vaccines came to Bulgaria a couple of days ago. As usual the PR op of their arrival was botched. People these days are making jokes about the vans used to distribute them and the freezers to contain them. It was bad enough that more than half of the world is against them in general. Everything new comes with a heavy dose of distrust. But we are particularly good at making a situation seem less than professional, for some inexplicable reason.

In any case, my personal opinion, backed by that of my sister – a medical professional, and my personal research into sources other than fb is that, yes, vaccines are a light in the darkness. Hope in our time of fear. I wish more people would trust science more and take the leap. What’s the worst that can happen?

I can already hear some friends and skeptics who say „there isn’t enough research“, or „I need more time“, both claims that I would have made some time ago. Worse are those, of course, which perpetuate the conspiracy theories and the sheer dread of anything strictly medical and scientific. Anti-vaxers being the worst, because they go ahead and dismiss out of hand previous medical successes, just because they are distrustful.

Personal dilemma

The vaccines at this point in time are voluntary. So everyone is free to choose for themselves, which is a great thing. The question of whether to have it or not shouldn’t be this divisive, though. As research suggests, the quest for developing the vaccines is not just recent, it had been going on for quite many years as part of treatment for other corona viruses. Also, there has been careful following of procedure in trials. The fact that this vaccine comes at the end of 2020 instead of in March is proof that they took cautious time assessing risk and doing their due diligence. Sure, the vaccines might not really work well in keeping us safe from spreading the virus. That is a question mark still. But a 95% less risk of being seriously affected is worth the leap. I believe. It is all about personal risk assessment.

Do I want to take my chances with the „wild“ strain and just catch it and see? Of course taking into consideration my possible underlaying conditions and the heavy use of medications for treatment. Or do I want to accept the risk of a vaccine and prepare my body for fighting it on its own.

My choice is option #2. I am an adventurer and a supporter of medical progress. I have faith in the scientists who have worked tirelessly on this thing. I definitely do not buy into the whole „5G chipping“ story, which is utterly ridiculous. You know why? Yes, we re already followed, monitored and tracked (hello, your smartphones, anyone?).

I know there will be plenty disagreement on my point, as there has been. Laugh and joke all you want, I am getting that baby the first chance I get. If you are still unsure, see how I take it, wait for my side effects. Have in mind though that some temperature, stiffness, tiredness, etc. is not a side effect, it is the actual desired effect for the first few days – that is how the body learns to fight.

Fact check

If you want to learn more, please, check trusted sources. Examples are:




Yes, all government sources, some doubters will point out. But didn’t you say you wanted to see public fugures get it? So, here is a piece on my favourite politicial, AOC, defending the vaccine on instagram:


Also, an actual doctor taking the vaccine:

one of many doctors who vouch for the vaccine

Well, I know those who mistrust it will not be convinsed by anything I say.

I am not writing this to convince them, really. it is mostly as a log of experiences before, during and after taking the vaccine. My hope is that if enough people are willing to try we might put this fearful year behind us and have a fighting chance for other similar viruses, because this vaccine could crack the code on so many other potential threats. I am convinced antibiotics are not the decision, vaccines are.

In limbo

Right now, my sister and I are on lists, we have agreed in our respective institutions, to take it. Believe us when we say, we did have our doubts. Sometimes though, you have to do the research and pick a side. This has been our informed decision. Are we wrong? Time will tell? Will we become lizard monsters/zombies with nano-chips in our bloodstream. NO. Will we be able to have kids, healthy kids in the long run? I don’t care. Honestly, this is a fight for humanity for right now. Any future children are a topic of „we will cross that bridge when we get to it“.

We are now in limbo. Waiting to be inoculated. I actually want to have it as soon as possible. The sooner we have it, the sooner I will be able to breathe a tiny bit easier around my kids at school. I hope my experience will be a positive example for them to trust science.

Strength in numbers

The more people get it, the better. I for one am a willing and eager participant in this experiment. I hope I can protect people around me this way. Hopefully, soon enough many more people will see the benefits and take it too. If for nothing else, Bulgarians love the Greek seaside, maybe if that becomes a restriction for traveling, many more people will get it. I like to stand on the side of the early brave enthusiasts from the get go. There is no stoping progress whatever we might do.

All I really want from 2021 is for science to beat the virus, for hope to prevail. That is if we humans are deserving of that. If not, come hell or high water, be as it may, we will drink our lemonade and observe the outcomes.


My mother with all of her conditions has been afraid of this sickness all year. We were able to protect her so far by trusting masks, hygiene, distance and care. We trusted science. Those who do not believe that should have that in mind, we have not yet been sick.

Also, ever since talk of the vaccines came about Mom has been more hopeful for herself and humanity. She now watches the news with interest and hope rather than dread and depression. This is a big win in my book. Hope in itself has healing powers.

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