Vaccine effects update

It has now been eight full days since I got the first of the Moderna jabs. I can say this week has been interesting. Not so much because of the vaccine, but rather because it was hectic. Busy. Hell of a week to be hyper aware of any side effects.

For example, every little headache (there was only one, yesterday) or muscle pain or stomach rumble was traced back to the vaccine with questions of „Are these the effects? Is it working? Is my body adapting to fight the virus?“

Short answer – probably yes. But none of the feelings were worrisome or accute, so I can say after over a week – it is all well and good. Waiting for jab number two in March.

In the meantime, the second term of the school year is here with a vengeance. All hand are on deck. We are fully present at school while still having online lessons, taking over absentee colleagues. The number of cases in Bulgaria is on the rise again. The new strains are in circulation. We are all still worried. i am mostly worried because daily I talk to parents and colleagues who still do not acknowledge the danger and say it is all a conspiracy. Good grief! What proof would be necessary to convince them to at least wear their masks proprerly!

Well, I shan’t rant about it, because, ce’st la vie! I will push through and champion my way onward. Proof – even after a busy busy day I managed to cook an excellent in my family’s opinion meal for dinner. So, homey, cosy end of the day.

Have a great evening, friends!

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